The Do Good Movement

Make an impact in society

Do good movement

I’m not doing this for the majority.

I’m doing this for the minority that wants to be better than who they are today. While we learn to do good in our lives the movement is when we begin to do good in others lives. Education is key.

My purpose here is to make an impact in society that is repeatable. The best way I believe I can do my part is through educational content that you can’t find anywhere else besides here.

The show is for the people who want to Do Good with the purpose to make a similar impact to the people around them. 1 by 1 we will turn every rock until we all are Doing Good.

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what They’re Saying

I love that you always share the best information for people who may not know. Thank you.

- @brosolofotoz

I’ve been following you for a few years now. Your attitude, work ethics, motivation, understanding, team player, father, and everything that you believe is truly amazing.

- @o.garcia1158

Truly an amazing example for a new business owner. I love the passion you have for teaching people! Thank you for all the videos and free game you’ve given all of us. Keep killin it!

- @kam_v09

You’re the man, Mr. Georgian! I am on track to be an amazing entrepreneur, just as you are, and post like these help me see through the lines to be a great leader for my company.

- @carter.824

For sure gonna bypass these other podcasts! You got that gift of speaking ot others and people listening. Can’t wait to watch.

- @tj.jarrell


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